Canada British Columbia: Full Circle

9th August Gibsons

Ferry trip from Earls cove

We left Powel River and headed down the Sunshine coast to Gibsons to meet Mike and Gail again. The day was great, perfect weather and seaside views. We found a little treasure all because we patted a dog. Joern and I love dogs so pat every dog we see, if we can. This also means we get to chat to the owners. While getting on the ferry to Earls cove we met a cute little friendly dog and the owner started asking us about our trip as he was also a biker. He then suggested a nice little side route which we took and found this lovely idyllic little harbour … it certainly pays to be friendly and listen to the locals.

I was looking forward to seeing Mike and Gail again however it really hit me that now the trip is over, we have done full circle from Vancouver to Gibson to meet Mike and Gail and we are now back in Gibsons and tomorrow in Vancouver. I’m really sad, as always, when such an awesome trip comes to an end and this was has been truly amazing. I am however also looking forward to seeing my little Ozzie (now aka Ozzie Pawsborn the Prince of Barkness) as I am missing him terribly. It will also be nice to sleep in my own bed and not have to live out of a suitcase 😊

HOWEVER, it is not quite over, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. We still have a great evening with Mike and Gail to enjoy and Vancouver and Seattle to look forward to.

Sitting on the patio chatting to Mike and Gail, and their neighbor texted Gail that there is a bear in her garden, 2 houses up. Soooo close and yet so far, needless to say it didn’t come through Gail’s garden and Never did get to see a bear or moose in Canada – because they don’t exist it’s all a hoax like the lock ness monster 😊 We had a fantastic evening on the patio, great company, great view, great food and a birthday cake 😊 Truly a night to remember. We really do miss Mike and Gails company in Switzerland but we are 100% sure we’ll be back to visit them in Canada. Simply straight forward great people.

10th August Vancouver

Sadly, leaving Gibsons and Mike and Gail we headed to Vancouver for our last couple of days in Canada. Damn I really am not fond of city traffic and Vancouver has some of the worst traffic so I did not enjoy that part of the ride. We dropped Joerns rental bike off and headed to Richmond where we stayed with Evy and Rich again. I was so happy that I could spend a three days in Vancouver and thus more time with Evy. Joern flew out the day before I did but we still had a day to do some sightseeing. However before that we got to spend the evening with the Mashing Chan gang, aka evys family. Of all the parents I new as a child the only two I was never afraid of were Evys Mom and Dad, Rose and Jack and it was just wonderful to see them again. The stories they tell of their life as a Chinese family in Apartheid South Africa are both hear breaking and shocking. Yet the story of Jack and Rose is also inspiring.

Rose recounted the time she was on a bus to work in Johannesburg and stood up to let an older, white, lady sit down as he had always been told to respect her elders. The lady then took out a tissue and proceeded to wipe the seat before shitting where a Chinese person had sat…no words

Jack told us many more stories and I really do think he could write a book. What I love about Jack and Rose is that they recount their stories of Apartheid South Africa with no malice, just facts as part of their history and experiences and which they follow with positive family stories and questions of other people’s lives. We had a truly wonderful evening with the whole family who are all so close, I just love it. So, yet another great night with good company and great food and once again a birthday cake. So, all in all I got to celebrate my birthday three time … I truly felt loved and blessed.

The Masing and Chan gang. Wayne and Lourie, Louise and L, Rose and Jack, Evelyn and Rich, and us

We spent the next morning on Granville Island which isn’t an island but a peninsula. It was an industrial manufacturing area but is now a really nice shopping area with a great market, artisan shops and restaurants. We then went to Steveston harbor for another fantastic Sushi lunch. We love Sushi and when it’s at the ocean, and thus fresh, you really can taste the difference. Food being a pervasive theme over the last few days Joern and I decided to cook for Rich, Evy and Kirsten. However, truth being told Evy and I did the cooking 😊 we made maple syrup salmon which went down very well and is one of about 4 melas I can cool Well you can’t go wrong with it. It is a recipe from Gail and I use it whenever I want to impress people.

12th August Seeing some more of Vancouver

Joern left early, like 5:30am early and poor Rich was volunteered to take him to the airport… Evy and I slept in 😊Girl Power

I then got a great tour of Vancouver by Evy, Kirsten and Evy’s niece Kayla. We went to the Waterfront and Gastown and I got to have my first Poke Bowl, YUM. Poke Bowl is a Hawaiian dish of raw marinated fish, rice and salad. I must look for a Poke restaurant in Zurich. Another good day.

Poke bowl with Evy, Taryn and Kirsten

Wayne (Evelyn’s brother), Laurie (his wife) and their daughter Taryn, came over after dinner for desert so I got to say goodbye to them again, and their crazy gorgeous dog.

13th August Farewell

Why do I cry during my last ride of big trips! This time it was not only because the trip has come to an end but because of having to say goodbye to Evy.

We worked out that we have seen each other 7 times over the last 45 years (since Evy left SA in 1977) The last time was in 2003 but every time we meet it’s like we haven’t missed a beat, we just have a special connection and she is a very special lady. I loved meeting her children and catching up with Rich, her husband, and family who I haven’t seen since 1991. They are an amazing close family and it was really special to see them again, especially her parents Jack and Rose.

I also said a very sad farewell to Vince the V-strom. 3 months, 19583kms (12168 miles) what am amazing trip. What an amazing little bike. He really looked after me and we had so much fun. I hope his next owner is good to him. I know he is just a machine but when you are a solo rider your bike gets to be your companion and I get so attached to them. I just can’t believe my trip is already over, it has gone by so fast and I could easily just start again. However I do miss my dog and can’t wait to see the little Oz man again, and also sleep in my own bed. I will however immediately start saving and planning for the next one 😊

The ride to Seattle was really quick and easy. The border crossing was a breeze and about 60 or so kms after that I stopped for a coffee break. I looked at taking a more scenic route than the interstate direct to Seattle. However I really wasn’t in the mood to look at beautiful scenery or stop to take pictures. I just wanted to have some dedicated bike time just me and Vince speeding along the motorway and not giving a damn about enjoying the view or sticking to the speed limit. It was a really fun last ride with very little traffic.

Tomorrow time to explore Seattle…on foot 🙂

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