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Go to Horizons Unlimited, the website that’s all about motorcycle travel.

AltRider  or

Toro Trail Spain


The best, friendlies most service oriented freight company I have ever come across … MotoFreight simply just rocks.


Bogota to Buenos Aires

My friend Neils blog (who travelled in China with in 2012). Hopefully we can catch up the road somewhere along the way.


The ride East

My friend Gio is currently riding through the Stans to Mongolia and Russia


Cycle The Line

The brother of a good colleague of mine is cycling around the world, now that’s tough .. Good Luck Amir!



Which Way is South

Will Irvine and Stewart Fairbrass are setting off on on an epic journey, riding from the arctic circle in Alaska, to Ushuaia in Argentina, the southern most city in the world, through 17 countries, and covering 25000 miles on BMW R1200 GS motorbikes.


Ride L.A.R.A

I think my blog posts speak for themselves, not only is Myanmar fantastic and Eric awesome but this tour has been the highlight of the trans Asia trip. I can certainly highly recommend Ride L.A.R.A tours

KUDU Expeditions

I rode the Mongolian Challenge and the BAM with KUDU and had the best time of my life. I can definitely recommend KUDU.

Explore Western Mongolia

We did a day tour from Olgy with Dasjan who runs Kazakh tours and it was great

Dosjan Khaval <>

Na Cho the argentinian living in france and riding around the world and one of my fellow riders on the China leg of my trip

Richard Winter a suzuki vstrom rider travelling around the world and one of my fellow riders on the China leg of my trip

Tough Miles the boys who also did the BAM this year

There and Back

Nicks trip from Khazakstan to the UK

Fabian & Jenine

The Swiss couple we met who are travelling around the world

Berlin to Shangahi by bicycle

Paul and Hansen the twin brothers cycling from Berlin to Shangahi over six months

Core Racing

I have never received such great service for such a small purchase. I bought a lockable petrol cap from Core Racing and highly recommend them

Alec has got to be one of the most helpful online sales people ever. Emailing me back almost instantly answering all my queries and wishing me good luck 🙂 THANKS Alec

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