The Bike

Kawasaki KLR650 2001 C Model (aka Gadget)



Bike starts in Bogota with 41050kms on the clock

Loaded up and ready to go

Modifications, Replacements & Additions

Bash plate (skid plate)  from Alrider

Doubletake Mirrors

Garmin GPS cradle

Cooling Filter

Air filter

Doohicky (Balancer Chain Adjuster Lever)

Double braided brake lines

Offroad footpegs



New Battery

Chain and sprockets

plus full major service



Loose connection in the starter relay … easily fixed with a cable tie to keep the connector properly closed

New Battery. Even though I had bought a brand new battery before I started the trip it still gave issues and I had to get a new one, everything is now good.

Carbon deposits on the pistons, known issues for old bikes like this. The bike started draining petrol like it was cool aid and coughing and miss firing. Joern suggested I do the following and it worked a charm and he bike has now been running for a further 10000kms with no issues. Run the bike until it is really warmed up. Take the air filter off and spray carbonized water into the air intake to clean the carbon deposits off. I did this and the bike coughed and spewed a ton of black smoke out the exhaust and now runs like an angel.

Torn vacuum membrane in the carburettor. Fortunately we managed to get a replacement from a guy in Santiago who rents KLRs and was stripping one for spare parts.







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