Packed up this little lot weighs 40kg.

Each pannier is 14kg (empty pannier alone 3kg)

If anyone has any suggestions on stuff I’ve missed or what I am taking and shouldn’t speak now of forever hold your peace 🙂

actually I’d like to know what I can ditch to save space and weight

The most important item I’m taking for when I travel alone is my SPOT


Papaerwork Bike Gear &   Luggage Camping
additional passport photos 30l   aluminium panniers x 2 billy   can / mess tin
cc master visa x2 bungee   cords cloth
driving licence & int license day   pack camel back ground   sheet
inoculations certificate enduro   mx boots head   torch / extra bulb
maps paper version enduro   jacket and pants knife,   fork & spoon
money gloves x 2 summer and winter mosquito   net
motor bike registration doc goggles MSR   cooking stove
notebook & pen helmet   with tinted visor multivitamins
passport kidney   belt pen   kife
photocopy of all docs money   belt waterproof   matches
scanned copies of all docs rain   gear pants and jacket plastic   bags for garbage
travel insurance tank   bag rope
waterproof kit   bag sleeping   bag liner
workshop gloves sleeping   bag
sleeping   self inflatable mattress
tin   cup
Toiletries Electronics Clothes
moisturizer batteries   & charger 1   shirts long sleeve
contact lenses cell   phone & charger 1   sleeveless vest
dental floss universal   power adaptor 2   x t shirts short sleeve
deodorant digital   camera 3   x riding t shirts short sleeve
disinfectant hand gel Garmin   GPSMAP 62S 5   x socks 2 short 3 riding
ear buds gopro   helmet cam cap
ear plugs guide   books (electronic) fleece
face cloth iPod flip   flops waterproof sandals
face moisturizer Kindle giant   T shirt to sleep in
face wash laptop jeans
hair brush sarong
lip balm sunglasses
mirror thermal   vest / pants
nail clippers towel
razor trainers
razor blades underwear   bra and panties x 5
Safety pins waterproof   clothes bags
scissors zip   off hiking trousers
soap shampoo conditioner in one
sun lotion 100%
toilet roll x 2
wet wipes
First Aid Kit Bike   spares & tools
altitude sickness medication 1   front and 1 rear tube
antibiotics 1   spare bulb of each type
antibiotic eye drops 1   x clutch and 1 x throttle cable
antihistamine tablets 1   x indicator
antiseptic cream 2   x tyre levers
cold and flu medication 4   in 1 Screwdriver
dequacain for soar throat aerosol   chain lubricant
eye drops dry eyes air   pump (CyclePump) + gauge
foot powder bike   lock
Imodium spanners
insect bite ointment common   nuts and bolts
Insect repellent copy   of repair manual
malaria tablets duct tape,cable ties
matches and lighter front   and rear brake pads
Painkillers ibuprofen main   fuses
Painkillers paracetomol master   Links — Chain
plasters nylon   tie downs
nuun re-hydration packs oil   0.5l 10/40
renes Oil   filter
rubber gloves pliers
sleeping tablets puncture   repair kit
surgical tape spare   chain
Syringes & needles spare   Ignition key
tweezers spare   wire, connectors
various bandages spark   plug
various dressings spark   plug remover tool
wrist guard super-glue