Canada British Columbia: Vancouver Island

We were not planning on going to Vancouver Island this trip however we made such good time doing the planned trip through British Columbia from Vancouver to Fort st James, around to Jasper and then the Kootenays we had a week left to go across to Vancouver Island and do a loop from Victoria up to Comox and then across to the mainland and down back to Vancouver. I am so glad we decided to do the Island in the end as it is stunning and well worth seeing.

What struck me is that even though it is 3/4s the size of Switzerland it is still so wild and remote with the bulk of the population in Victoria and across a few coastal towns.

Canadian Geese enjoying the seaside on Vancouver Island

6th & 7th August Nanaimo

Leaving Victoria we headed to Nanaimo taking the long route west along the coast to Port Renfrew and then cutting across to Nanaimo. The coastline is stunning and I also enjoyed the cute costal cottages tucked between the mansions and of course the coffee places 😊

We stayed in another stunning Airbnb which is now my preferred accommodation to any hotels especially if staying for two nights as the ones we had reserved have all been self-catering. As we had a full day in Nanaimo we got to explore the town and meet up with Susan and John, Tammy sister and the cousin of Lars Joern school friends. What a great couple we all got on so well ended up not only having lunch with them but being invited over for dinner as well. The harbour in Nanaimo is great offering super fresh seafood and good views. I love the Canadian towns that paint their electrical boxes and fire hydrants, such a little thing but it makes such a difference.

We also stopped in at Chemainus to look at their murals, another thing found in all Canadian towns but Chemainus is renowned for theirs, it’s also just a very charming little town to see.

8th August Powel River

It’s my Birthday 🙂 Happy Birthday to me.  I turned 55 today and feel no different to when I was 18, okay okay my joints do creak a little and I certainly hope I’m wiser. I am however not the kind of person who has ever lied about my age or had any kind of crisis regarding getting older. It is what it is, a fact on your birth certificate and that is all. I still live by the principle that we only have one life and should therefore make the most of it and age with grace.

We headed up the cost today to Comox and caught the ferry to Powel river where we spent the night. We did get to see another porpoise from the deck of the ferry and believe this one is a Dalls porpoise.

On the way we randomly stopped at a little beach for a milkshake and saw that they were having a sand sculpture completion I’ve always wanted to see one and was not disappointed Wow some really talented artist. What a great unexpected coincidence.

We finished my birthday off with a great dinner in Powel River (ribs and the best cheesecake)  and a lovely sunset walk on the pier. I can honestly say I am truly happy … what a trip, what a birthday 🙂

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