USA Washington State: Seattle

So I’m back in the USA and read to explore Seattle.

Travelling by bike is awesome I just love it, it’s a real adventure and quite different to other forms of travelling. In Seattle I settled in to being a tourist on foot and had loads of fun exploring the city and shopping (which I never do when I’m on a bike as there is just no space, but as long as I have a bit of space in my big duffle bags, I can take advantage of the cheap prices in the USA).  With the use of my maps app I worked out that I walked 5-6kms a day every day I way in Seattle 😊I feel like I walked the city flat.

I’m not a big city persona and try avoid them if I can but must say Seattle surprised me. It was very different to what I expected. Very clean and with lots to do and see. Yes, there is a darker side to the city, a fair few homeless people and many walk past muttering and shouting out. I saw one relatively clean, young-looking lady wearing a sheet wrapped around her head like in a loose turban, wearing clean socks with no shoes and clearly drugged up. I didn’t take pictures of this side of Seattle as I honestly just find it sad and think the system is really broken.

I did chose not to go out alone at night so after an early dinner I spent my nights watching Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, fantastic gothic fantasy series.

14th August Sight seeing

Today was sigh seeing day and boy did my feet hurt at the end of it. I walked the 2.2kms to Pike place Market and back, but first heading to the Space Needle. I did walk past the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, as I am a big fan of what they do, but sadly it is only open from Thursday to Saturday.

Initially I wasn’t going to go up the Space Needle but lets face it, it had to be done as this is the Eiffel tower of the US, and the 60th anniversary. The view was spectacular and I ended up spending ages up there. After exploring Seattle from up high I went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition, the vision of Dale Chihuly the artist.  Walking past the Army Navy store on the way to the waterfront I stopped by and bought a massive duffle bag in order to get my bike gear back home. So first chore complete on I go to get lunch.

I spent a lot of time at Pike Place Market a very fun, interesting lively and PACKED place. I should have chosen another day but hey I was there already so I made the most of it. After eating a beef and onion pie (and buying a rhubarb pie for dinner) from Piroshky Piroshky the best Russian bakery I visited the original Starbucks ( Seattle coffee) Had to be done as I’m a serious Starbucks fan, I think they put drugs in their coffee because I can’t stop drinking it. I also stopped in at the Purple stores, imagine walking past a store where everything, yes everything, they sell is in your favourite colour whoopwhoop shopping time 😊I’m surprised I didn’t buy more.

Leaving Pike Market I did, as I was told to do, and walked past the gum wall… eeeeewwwww no words, I mean really Seattle

15th August Shopping Day

A couple of months ago I did a short sight seeing tour to Walmart’s and today I decided to go visit a few other big stores. We just don’t get these massive store sin Switzerland so it’s quite an outing. I started at Bed Bath & Beyond, then Target, a massive sports store and finally starbucks and then the bookstore. So much far too little space to buy everything that I wanted.

In the afternoon I went to the Spa for a facial, Manicure and deep tissue massage to wash the road out and do something nice for my poor abused body and skin after 3 months on the road. It was  a little slice of heaven and I felt like a new woman after. Minorka beautician who gave me the facial was the super nice young lady from Mexico and we had such a good chat it was a good reminder that there is hope for the world in the next generation.

16th August Walking and Coffee and Coffee and Walking

My last day in Seattle, what to do what to do. I had a list of museums to visit and after walking to the wooden boat museum which was closed, I decided to just walk the neighborhoods, drink coffee take pictures of some street art and walk some more. I had random chat to a couple of people and just felt good. A great last day.

17th August So long and thanks for all the fish

I had sushi for dinner again last night. I’ve eaten so much fish in Vancouver and Seattle but as Switzerland is land locked I wanted to make the most of being able to get really fresh sushi, yum

I can’t believe it’s all over and on one hand really want to just go fetch my bike and start all over again, and on the other go see my dog, Joern and sleep in my own bed. I’ve said it before but this trip far exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic and the primary reason beside the spectacular countryside were the people. I got to catch up with friends and family and make so many new friends who all touched my heart.

Over 86 days I travelled 19583 kms (12168 miles) through; USA = Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Main, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington State. Canada – New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta.

There are so many places within the different states that I didn’t get to see so I will certainly need to come back 😊

THANKS to everyone for making this trip so memorable xxx

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