USA Wyoming: Devils Tower

The varied ranch entrances I see along the road in all the states are great, but this one is for sure my favorite

The ride from Deadwood to Wyoming was spectacular and Devils tower is unmistakable the minute you see it way in the distance. It is so much bigger than I expected from the photos I have seen of it and it is well worth seeing up close. I didn’t expect it to be yellow and found out that this is due to the lichens covering almost the entire tower.

The park itself is also beautiful and the prairie dogs are the best I just wasted ages watching the little critters, so cute and funny. As I turned a corner there were two little pups in the middle of the road wrestling. They didn’t stop for me and when they finally noticed me they ran off to continue wrestling on the side of the road.  As is usually the case though, the minute I started taking a video of them they stopped ‘’nothing to see here, move along lady we’re just munching on some grass’’

I spent a great night in a Tipi listening to the rain hitting the sides and feeling cozy and warm inside. I can definitely recommend tipi camping for something totally different.

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