USA Montana: Little big Horn

More deer, you really do see a lot of deer riding through this country. not only in fields but very often in peoples gardens. Many different species, but I don’t know them all.

I could ride for days no weeks (well I have) through flat wide open countryside. I find it so peaceful and uplifting. I love seeing all the herds of cows and often stop to say Hi and cows are so curious. I get a kick out of them. I also saw quite a few deer. In fact I’ve seen deer almost everywhere I’ve been.

I passed the turnoff to Custers last stand but directly after at the stop sign, I changed my mind and went back. It was piping hot after a freezing morning and I really didn’t think there was much to see there. Well, I was wrong and the stop was well worth it. I joined one of the groups for the ranger talk where one of the rangers walks you through battle. So very interesting and the through ranger was a deft story teller really taking you through the battle.  I’m going to be honest though learning so much about American history and what was done to the Buffalo and First nation tribes I found it hard to have any sympathy for Custer and his solders. Although truth be told I feel saddened at the death of anyone in war, a pointless political exercise. But even so I find it hard to stomach what was done to the Buffalo and First Nation tribes. Felt similar when I went to the killing fields in Cambodia and saw what pol pot did. It made me sick to my stomach. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but wish I did as some people really do deserve the kind of punishment they could only get in hell.

However, one needs to learn to see it, to bear witness, understand that lessons should (but don’t seem to) be learned, but then understand that I cannot do anything about the past and all that can be done is to share the stories and hope lessons get learned and live a good life for today. Reminding myself of this I left Little big horn feeling sad but not being drowned in the emotions.

Shortly after that I finally saw some cowboys herding cattle on horseback, as I mentioned I sometimes feel like I’ve really gone back in time.

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