USA South Dakota: Deadwood and the road to Wyoming

No trip to South Dakota and would be complete without a trip to Deadwood. Yes it’s another tourist trap and just a bigger version of Wall, but so worth visiting. I knew wild Bill Hickok existed but didn’t know his story or that he was assassinated during a card game in Deadwood. I also didn’t know that calamity Jane was part of his wild west show. You learn new things every day when travelling 🙂

A must see, for me anyway, is the Adams house a historic house literally frozen in time. When it was built it was a mansion with all the latest technology like electricity. After William Adams died Mary Adams boarded the house up, furniture and all for 50 yeas which is why everything including the crockery and cutlery are original. The hose has a very interesting history, including the Egyptian cotton wallpaper, and is really worth visiting

I dropped into the 79 museum on the way out of town. The exhibit of all the carts, carriages and wagons was really good. The saddest thing for me was the story of the buffalo. I knew the history of the attempted eradication of them and had seen a lot about this in other museums. Part of the display is a big book showing the estimated number of buffalo in the early 1800s, and the number left at the of the 1800s. Just seeing this truly broke my heart, these beautiful creatures came so close to extinction and I’m so glad they are still around today. Humans can be truly vile creatures.

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