USA South Dakota: Sioux Falls

I picked Sioux falls to stay in as it was a mid-point to Wall, and what a stroke of luck that I did. I was hosted by Jane and Troy from bunk-a-biker and their awesome friendly log Maya. What a great couple. They showed me around Sioux falls, very nice pretty and clean town. Troy is an engineer specializing in bridge construction and we got to see one of the bridges he built. How awesome is that! I was impressed.

I must say something more Maya, besides the fact that she is so cute, fluffy and friendly, she is also very well trained. Besides the usual obedience and tricks she rings a bell when she needs to go outside to pee, it’s so cute. In the morning when I woke up I heard this little scratch on the door, opened it and Maya come running in jumped on the bed said good morning and was off again. apparently when there are people in the house and she wakes up she does the rounds to ensure everyone is awake and okay 🙂

Sioux falls has one street where they allow artists from all over to display their sculptures for a year. The public get to vote on the best one and that is then permanently displayed in the city. We walked the road and checked out all the pieces. Some confusing but interesting and some just stunning pieces. I voted for the otter.

I must say a couple of people told me that the ride through the mid-west South Dakota would be boring as it’s just flat. I could not disagree more, it is stunning.

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