USA South Dakota: Wall and more

I left Sioux falls for Wall early as I had been warned about the 1 day temperature spike. OMG what that not an exaggeration. The day started nice enough and got slowly warmer at it went along. When the temp had reached something like 37C (100f) I thought ok damn this is hot, then I went down a sort of drip and it felt like someone had picked me up and put me in an over. It stopped at a gas station for a water break and checked the temp and it was  40C (107f) insane dry heat. Even riding with the wind blowing, which although better, was still so hot as the wind itself was scorching.

No south Dakota is not boring, it’s stunning
I love meeting curious cows on the road
decided to get off the interstate for a short bit, but decided it was not the right weather for a dirt road so turned back

However, this did not detract from the interesting day I had. I did, even in the head, go off the interstate a little to see the countryside and small towns. I also stopped to see the sights along the way. I went into Chamberlain as I wated to stop for a drink but I like to try and get off the interstate stops (even though I am addicted to stopping in Starbucks) I rode through the town and then as I turned around the ride back, I noticed all these little aluminium butterflies and things on the side of a building and a sign saying Coffee, tea etc. So, I stopped there as the small mom and pop places are usual the best. The owner Patty was great and one of those inspiring people you meet in life. She worked in a gas station and always had a dream of opening her own little store (she told me about her life, kids, abusive ex etc I won’t say more as it is not my story to tell) but she saved and saved (into her early 50s) one day realised that she had enough to open a small place but not enough to do it full time. So, she kept her job at the gas station working from early morning to 11 and then working in her store in the afternoon. She did this for 2 years until her place could sustain her. Her store is the cutest place and I really enjoyed chatting to her, what a warm sweet person.

Resuming my journey to wall I kept seeing signs for 1880 town. I was not going to stop because 1. Heat 2. Tourist trap 3. I wanted to have time to explore Wall and was only there for 1 night 4. I honestly thought it would just be facades with no buildings to explore. BUT my curiosity got the better of me and I went in.

I was great, yes, it’s a bit worn and in need of a lick of paint, and very dusty. However, I could look past that and see the amazing old things they had especially the props from dances with wolves. You can go into the buildings and really imagine life in those times and a town like this. The saloon was great and sitting in there set me back 140years. I really hope some millionaire invests in sprucing this little historic museum up. I’m sure there are bigger better historical towns like this, but I just haven’t seen them and think 1880 town is worth a visit.

I stopped at the Minuteman missile museum (as it’s indoors and air conditions) and it is really interesting. It explains the role of the missile silos in the cold war and what people saw as a real nuclear threat. It was real education for me who knows very little about the cold war. After seeing this museum, I wanted to stop at the Delta-09 Minuteman Missile Silo but it was just way to hot and I know that I simply can’t see everything.

Pushing on in the heat I finally got to Wall, checked into my little cabin, had a shower and went to explore the town. Oh, golly this needs to be seen, sooooo kitsch, I loved every minute of it.

You do need to remember one thing about me. I love travelling and seeing weird and wonderful things and have a super positive attitude to travel and take everything as it comes with no expectation. So, I am rarely disappointed and always see the good things, so I’m someone that will trawl through very touristy gift shops marvel at the crap, not buy anything and just be glad I saw it. Wall is that place 😊 and I have Colleen to tank for this tip (as with the ones for the Gettysburg and the Badlands which I’d never heard of before she told me I had to go there)

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