USA Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota: Back in the USA

26 June – Border crossing

Time to say goodbye to Canada for now and cross the border. I don’t know why but I’m always a little apprehensive at border crossings. I guess it’s because I have no idea what to expect with regards the customs people and I’ve encountered some jerks on my trips. I was also just a little concerned about the fact that I was not ‘’checked out’’ of the USA when I went to Canada and did not expect this as a foreigner (apparently that is normal practice)

So, when I arrived at the border crossing and the guard said there asked when and where I entered the USA and then said ‘’there is no proof of this as there is no entry stamp in your passport’’ WHAAAAAT?

So I got pulled into the office and the 5 border guards (it was a very quiet day in the office so I got the full attention…must have been an exciting day on the border has has) They were fantastic, so nice, friendly, funny (cracking jokes about me travelling while my husband was at home working) I will have to add DAMN good looking fellas (are all the good looking ones stashed away on the Canada/USA Sault Ste Marie border post) Since I had an ESTA they found me in the system and said the guys in Orlando must have just been busy and forgot to stamp my passport. Suggested that if ever I enter a country, I check that there is a stamp, as this is important but exit stamps are not necessary. They chatted about my trip and then wished me a good ride. My faith in customs officials restored 😊

I spent the day riding SW along the coast of Lake Michigan. DAMN that is one big lake, looks like the ocean. Great riding day with a night in Escanaba

One of those long roads I love. I never feel so happy and free as when I’m riding down a long open road with so much space and sky that you feel like you could see forever.

27 June

Wanting to just get from A to B relatively quickly, as the US is a huge country, I basically crossed Michigan, Wisconsin and into Minnesota in 2 days. Although I spent most of the time on the interstates I still got off the main roads and still had time to explore the more interesting smaller roads and towns. Again like the rest of the USA some small towns are really pretty and some are beat town holes.

I don’t have earphones in my helmet so music to listen too as I just like the solitude and feeling closer to the riding, but that is just me. It does lead to some strange head conversations though.


Looking at my GPS for a second to see how far it is to the next petrol station I looked up and saw this truck coming straight for me. In a nanosecond my brain calculated that it was in fact going backwards. It was begin towed. This made me think about how totally amazing our brains are that it can calculate this so quickly. I also thought how awful it would to have a head on collision with one of these 18 wheelers on a bike, and what your last thoughts would be (if any). This led me to wonder what insects think before hitting my helmet. I mean how intelligent are insects do they know they are going to hit you and ide, or is it just doodloodledah splat. So then I thought about all those bikers that don’t ride with full face helmets and have insects just splatting all over their faces. Eeewwww …. Lets look at the scenery instead Lorraine.

I do however have some awesome helmet conversations about being the ruler of the universe and how I’d single handed fix the world….just to warn you a lot of people would die.

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