Canada Ontario: Toronto

22 June

Road to Toronto

I reluctantly left Quebec City, picking the bike up from its service, but looking forward to seeing Lee and Cathy in Toronto. I knew I couldn’t make Toronto in a day so hit the motorway on the 1st day as it was pretty chilly and a little rainy. I got half way and spent the night in Cornwall. The 2nd day I only did 100kms on the motorway and then peeled off to explore the side roads. The weather was great, the roads were great and, is usually the case, very interesting.

23 June

Lee and Cathy (who I met in 2015 while riding the amazon, and who I stayed with in Arizona in 2016)

I spent 2 awesome nights with Lee and Cathy, and actually rested on my rest day.

It’s not my place to tell people other people’s stories, but I will say this: Lee and Cathy could honestly write the book on life and ow to live it. The quintessential hard-working rags to riches story by two of the most down to earth down right nicest people alive. Lee, turning 80 in August and Cathy 79 are both still riding, but not just riding, riding all over the world. And the stories just get better and better. They invited Rob and Alison over for dinner who I also met on the amazon trip, what a nice surprise. Well, these 4 had me entertained the whole night. On Saturday night Lee and Cathy’s son Paul came over and what can I say; it would be hard to find a nicer more interesting person, a real tribute to his parents. Paul owns a jujitsu dojo and trains MMA fighters. However, has now expended his jujitsu to become the only person in Canada qualified to use it as a form of therapy for people with PTSD. He works with doctors and a psychologist and they are having a lot of success helping people. Primarily those in the armed forces but also women and children who have suffered serious trauma. WOW what a calling, a fascinating and interesting person to speak to. I honestly could have spent a week with Lee and Cathy but the USA and specifically mount Rushmore are calling.

Lee, Cathy, Alison and rob

Lee has a stunning collections of bikes in his mancave which would have Joern drooling. I personally loved Lees very peaceful garden and got to spend some time in it watching the squirrels on my rest day. I didn’t even know you got black squirrels. Lee with his other love, what a stunner.

25 June

Leaving Toronto

Reluctantly leaving I got to do a short ride with Lee around the very attractive area in which they live just north of Toronto. What a treat, Lee is one of the best riders I have ever met and it’s always an honor for me to ride with him.

I then peeled off and headed to Sudbury and Spragge where I spent the night in a campsite. The ride was easy and through really lovely countryside and waterways. But things just got better. At the serpent campsite I was invited to dinner by David, a biker who has a weekend RV based there, and his mom. What lovely people, so friendly and interesting. David and his brother, who lives in Australia, and hoping to meetup in Europe soon and do a bike trip together. I hope they do and are obviously welcome to stay with us. But things didn’t stop there. As David was heading out, he gave me his sheepskin seat cover, which I had commented on as I’d love to get one for my bike. Under protest he insisted I take the gift as he said he had two. WOW Canadians really are special people. THANKS Dave.

One of the many many pretty views on the ride

I honestly missed so many opportunities to take pictures of the views. I just sometimes get stuck in the saddle and see so many things that I simply forget to stop until it’s too late.

I couldn’t get a better picture of this moth that visited me at the campsite, but it was very interesting.

The sky and view from my little cabin, such a peaceful place.

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