Canada Quebec: Quebec City

The ride from St Andrew to Quebec City, although having a chilly start, was great. What a stunning route. As I was on the motorway (being too cold in the morning to take the time to ride the smalls roads) I couldn’t stop to take photos and am now kicking myself.

I did have a great encounter with three bikers along the way. Super nice people, as I have discovered Canadians are, we had a great chat about riding, routes, Canada and the weather. Once of the nice things about riding alone is that people are more willing to approach you and you get to have random cool meetings with total strangers.

Quebec City what can I say …One of these days I’m going to rest on my rest day but so much to see and so little time. Quebec City is now one of my favourite cities (and I’m not a city person) it’s got such a nice laid back feel, it’s clean and so pretty and the people are so nice. Full of super nice little restaurants and cute streets to wonder down. It was even super easy to ride into yesterday, not much traffic and no crazy speeding lunatics.

The jewel of the city is Château Frontenac a hotel built in 1893 and looks as stunning inside as it is out. I managed to walk through the foyer to take a look and also checked out some pictures on the internet of the inside (as staying there is way out my price range)

Quebec City is chock of gorgeous buildings large and impressive as well as small and cute

Bit of girl power outside the parliament building.

Damn you sons of Quebec fighting our Boers is South Africa … but then any life lost in any war is a wasted life that should be remembered.

The new Banksy perhaps?

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