Gadget starts his journey

my baby is on the move, safe flight Gadget 🙂
Message and picture from Roddy (Motofreight): ”Your bike is currently travelling at around 800 KPH on the first leg of the journey”


10 comments on “Gadget starts his journey

  1. Happy Birthday!!! all the best wishes today and for your exciting adventure, Alison & Rob…. watching this space 🙂

  2. Thanks. cool thanks for the blog link. I’m on an organised trip until the end of September and after that head down from Bogota to Lima, so you never know.
    Will keep in touch and look forward to that Vodka. cheers

  3. Good luck Lorraine!!! I’ll be following your trip via this blog and I’m glad to see that you haven’t left your spelling mistakes behind 😁

  4. He-he, If you keep up the speed your journey will be over in 6 days. Keep a good grip at the handlebars ;o)
    Seriously, have a fantastic adventure and take good care of yourself (and all the car driving idiots)

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