Trip Prologue – Zurich to London cont further.

15 June 2015 – Belgium Bruges to Calais

Pannier firmly in place back on my bike I head off to Bruges. What a nice surprise. I have plenty of time to spend many hours investigating this lovely city. Sitting watching a street busker who is playing tin drums and a large digery doo, very impressive. I had to have a Belgium waffle in Belgium, so found the quaintest coffee shop and ended up have a waffle and tea for lunch. I love people watching and today was just as entertaining as most. I watched a lovely family of 4 having lunch, (mom dad little girl about 4 years old and a tiny about 3 month old baby) thinking that is so sweet.  Until the little girl would not eat so threw a tantrum at mom who gave in and fed her cake just to keep her quiet. The baby then started crying and the little girl then tried to rider her tricycle in the restaurant and dad had to take her off it which resulted din another tantrum. My thoughts quickly turned from ah sweet to damn I’m glad I don’t have kids, I felt so sorry for these young parents who just wanted a nice lunch with their cute family. Fertility I had been there for a relaxing hour and very nice lunch and it was time to head off to Calais.

The ride to Calais was as boring and unexciting as Calais is, no one comes here on holiday you simply stop off in time to catch the ferry. I stayed overnight in a very boring and unexciting hotel ready to catch the ferry in the morning.


16 June 2015 – UK

The Eurotunnel could not be easier as was the ride to Epsom to drop Gadget, but not before stopping to get him a brand new set of TK80s ready for South America. Roddy (from Motofreight the company I am using for my shipping) was great, like all South Africans. Roddy took my pannier to the UK adventure bike show to drop it with Bernie from Stahlkoffer who fixed it up and posted it back to Roddy. WOW what service THANKS guys J

I now feel far more relaxed and ready for South America, after completing the biggest part of the preparation i.e. getting my bike ready and in the UK ready for shipping. All that is left is for me to pack and get on the plane on the 2nd  August easy



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  1. Fabulous! Looking forward to following your trip. Good luck. Xxx Maniunia + Gerald
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