Colombia Bogota

I think I’ll live on empanadas. The highlight of my day today was finding a little street café which sold the larges scrummiest empanadas ever. But let me go back a step.

I arrived in Bogotá on Sunday without my travelling head on my shoulders, so got TOTALLY ripped off by a taxi. I walked out of the airport with my heavy bag and wanted to catch a taxi to the B&B. I saw a group of people with badges and yellow vests with taxi written on them so I asked them where I get a taxi to the B&B and gave them the B&B address. They got on a radio and there were a load of people milling around shouting and saying this B&B is too far and too expensive they have a better one… ja right I’ve heard that before … I insisted I need to go to this B&B and eventually they agreed and bundled me into a minivan saying the taxi is usd15. I argued that that was too much but they said no that is the fee take it or leave it. I stupidly took it. As the tax minivan pulled out of the airport I saw a long line of yellow small cabs. I asked the driver and he said ‘’oh no small cheap cabs not good, different company’’ uuggghhh I bet they didn’t cost usd 15. I get to the hotel which is 6 mins from the airport. Well stupid me, I should have taken 5 mins at the airport to get my travel bearings.

I was meant to collect my bike today but the stupid airline would not move it to the bonded warehouse on a Saturday. It arrived last Thursday but Friday was a public holiday. Then today they only moved it this afternoon so we can only get an appointment with the customs inspector tomorrow.  What a waste of a day as we (the agent and I) were hoping to get it out today and I had to stay at the hotel to wait for the agent to fetch me. I did however go for a long walk in the area. It was interesting, as always, to see buildings in a different country.  And the empanadas were worth it  J

I am also getting my travel head back on, having ‘’conversations’’ with the lady who runs the B&B who does not speak a single word of English, but she is so friendly and keeps feeding me coffee I don’t think I’ll sleep for a week  8)

I have been planning this trip for almost 3 years and kept promising myself that I would learn Spanish and got a couple of really good CDs. The problem is when you work 12 hour days you are just to damn exhausted to do much else, even my weekends were a bust as I was so tired I just wanted to chill, or I had a bike to fix or needed to spend time with Joern … excuses excuses but the bottom line is I never did learn Spanish and now I am sorry I didn’t. I do have a small intro course with me and have started working on that, I hope it helps.

Let’s hope tomorrow brings me good news on the bike and I can head off on Wednesday.

2 comments on “Colombia Bogota

  1. Hi Lorraine
    I’m a Safrican and fellow RTW rider following your new trip. Re Spanish. You don’t really need to speak any other language. Download Google Translate and you can translate English text into whatever language you need, or vise versa.
    I set up a list of common phrases which are saved then I can simply choose the language and it’s translated instantly. Works very well. There is also a facility to speak and translate but I found that pretty useless because it only works with an American accent
    Best wishes

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