23rd March 2016 Trip Prologue – Bike prep almost complete

I can’t believe this has taken so long, weekend after weekend spent servicing & upgrading my bike  (new skid plate from AltRider, new panniers etc) but it is almost ready to go, just a quick doohicky change and Gadget will be back on the road.

I don’t undertake this second cross continent motorbike adventure lightly. I know what I am facing and this is not an easy holiday, certainly not a luxury holiday in fact using the world holiday is quite a stretch of the truth. Adventure motorcycling is something you do because you love adventure, love spending hours upon hours riding a motorbike and mostly because the journey means more than the destination.

On one hand I cannot wait to start this journey, to see more countries and experience different cultures, all the good things about travelling which excite me. However on the other hand I’ve been so busy and stressed at work that I’ve had so little time to really enjoy the preparations. Having to cram everything  into the weekends,   I’ve been feeling quite stressed about whether or not I am prepared enough. Joern said to me today that I am over thinking it. So true, so now I will stop thinking and just start living the adventure.

IMG_1256 Joern laughing after helping put the off-road footpegs on gadget and then saying ‘’well that’s doubled the value of your bike’’… cheeky sod

IMG_1520 My awesome bash plate (skid plate) from AltRider Thanks guys


All packed up and ready to head to the UK to ship the bike


Trip Prologue – Bike prep almost complete

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