Trip Prologue – Zurich to London

13 June 2015 – Lorraine in Lorraine

Time to take gadget to the UK ready for shipping to Bogota in August. This is the only free time I have before I fly to South Africa and then South America, so I’m making a mini trip of taking my bike to the UK far in advance of its departure date. I have lived in Europe for 20 years and have never been to Lorraine in France so Joern and I decided we’d head over for the weekend and then I’d continue on to the UK.

We rode through Lorraine today and it is a very pretty place, and as always we had a great fun time riding together.

1607127_10207000590441493_3369215578616585469_n 11425836_10207000591441518_6998627810635919496_n 

I have also never taken the opportunity to see Luxembourg or Belgium, so I decided to do a mini trip through these two places once I leave Lorraine.

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