4 comments on “South America 2015

  1. Hey hey there stranger
    Good Luck and Enjoy. I hope we see each other on the road that would be awesome. Keep in touch and let me know how the trip goes and if we are anywhere in the same areas.
    cheers 🙂

  2. Hey Lorraine. It has been a long time since I lost saw you as we crossed paths in Laos after escaping Mongolia. Anyway, great minds, obviously….. I am heading to South America with my bike in September (albeit a less ambitious trip than yours); 3 months on the road from Bogota to Buenos Aries. I’ll follow your blog and maybe bump into you; South America isn’t that big, is it?

  3. Thanks Trevor 🙂
    Currently my bike is in pieces in the garage getting fixed up for S America this weekend I’ll replace the doohicky (chain tensioner) and then just a few minor upgrades. Flights are booked and rough route planned (not overly detailed as I like to be flexible) I just need to survive my very stressful job for 2 more months and then I can relax in July before flying out on the 1st August 🙂
    So life is good, plans are on track. I’ll be in Jhb in July to see my folks before the trip 🙂
    I wish you all the best on the next leg of your trip.

  4. Reading yr book, (so far in Mongolia). Google you & found yr blog where you are celebrating getting to Singapore. I salute you! Congrats on
    yr achievements. See you are doing St America this year. Good luck. I will sign up for yr newsletter.
    I live in Cape Town. A retired businessman doing a (civilised) RTW tour in stages. Leaving for Europe next week to get my bike which is in storage in Barcelona & do the next leg of my tours.
    Best wishes
    Trevor Hayes

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