SINGAPORE!!! 33000kms and 6 months later I made it, OMG I think I’m going to cry, what a ride. Zurich to Singapore via Siberia and I made it, I really and truly DID IT!!!

On one hand I wish there was someone here to share this moment with me but on the other I wanted and needed to finish this on my own 🙂 Words cannot express the feelings I have I am so sad and so depressed that my awesome journey is over, I have never crossed a border so depressed. I am not ready for this I just want to get back on my bike and ride around the world, I still have the stamina, energy, motivation but sadly not the time and money to carry on. I just cannot believe it’s done finished. On the other hand I am so unbelievably happy and excited I want to scream and shout and dance around like a wild thing.  I DID it I really and truly MADE IT!!! I want to run outside and just tell everyone in the streets about my 6 months but I think I might get locked up, so have to keep this feeling to myself and think I might just explode. Thanks goodness for Face book at least I’ve managed to virtually share this moment with my friends and family.

After finding my hostel and dumping my bag the first thing  I did was rush out and take a taxi to the Merlion, one of the most recognisable landmarks in Singapore. Taking pictures here was where I felt like this is it, the journey is done. I may still have 10 days in SE Asia and 5 days in the UK before returning to Switzerland but here the journey has ended successfully 🙂

I spent the rest of the afternoon traipsing around Singapore seeing the business district and china town. Eating the most expensive waffle and chocolate milkshake ever at $7 (US) each. Singapore is defiantly a really expensive place. My hostel is $40 a night for a pod , that is 4 nights’ accommodation in Thailand, good thing I am only staying two days. I do however like the place and it reminds me of Seoul but just doesn’t have as much soul haa haa sorry 🙂

On my day in Singapore I was not sure exactly what to do. Originally I wanted to go to Universal studios and just go crazy on the roller coasters, but since it was raining on and off and REALLY hard, I was here alone (universals is far more fun with someone else) and it was school holidays, I just couldn’t stomach the crowds I had to find something to do. Well this tough independent metal head biker chick went to the botanical gardens…yup I know so girly isn’t it 🙂 since I have just fallen in love with orchids (I have never been into flowers since they just die so I can’t be bothered this really  surprises me) Anyway I decided to go to the national orchid garden in the botanical gardens as I thought they would be a fitting end to my trip. Well I was not wrong stunning absolutely stunning. I love purple it is my favourite colour and every second orchid in the garden is purple and the rare such a variety I really enjoyed my time in the garden. I also went sightseeing in China town and just generally enjoyed seeing  Singapore.

I will leave Singapore tomorrow and head to a resort just south of KL for 4 days and just read a book and relax. I think I need and will enjoy that. Then I fly back to Europe and reality.

That’s all folks 🙂 The End

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