Canada British Columbia: Joern in Vancouver. Mike and Gail in Gibson

It’s seems like forever since I saw Joern and it’s so amazing to have him in Canada and ready to travel through BC with me. We had a great day exploring Vancouver. We visited Stanley Park to see the totem poles and also went to the science Park. I have never been to one and thought it was great, we enjoyed acting like kids again. They had a fantastic t-rex exhibition which I found particularly interesting. We wrapped the day up with a great meal at a really nice Japanese restaurant with Rich and Evey.

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

The t-rex and big kid playing sciency stuff

Great day topped off with a great meal

18 July

After picking up Joerns bike we hopped on the ferry and headed over to Gibson to visit Mike and Gail, who left Switzerland to retire back in Canada 2 years ago. It was great to see them and WOW what an amazing location, absolutely stunning. I’ve known Mike since 2007 when we met at Credit Suisse and he is one of the very few colleagues I have that has crossed the barrier into becoming an outside of work friend.

We had a lovely evening with Mike and Gail which started off with a BBQ and a couple fo steaks to die for, then ended up with us watching to sunset from the beach while Joern and Mike acted like skipping stone.. Boys. The day was topped off with a sighting of a a seal and a wild sea otter. Perfect I think.

The view from Mike and Gail’s living room in Gibson, even the clouds couldn’t spoil it. The next morning the sun was out and the view was stunning…and of course I didn’t take a picture,

19 July

We very reluctantly left Gibson, hoped back on the ferry to Vancouver and headed straight up to Whistler and then on the Lillooet for the night. BC is certainly living up to it’s reputation as a beautiful place.

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