Canada British Columbia: Vancouver

The last time I saw my school friend Evelyn was in Munich in 2003. Evey moved to Canada in the mid 70’s when we were in junior school. We have remained friends since the 1st day we met on the 1st day of school at the age of 6, and have managed to see each other every 10/15 years or so since then. It’s been totally awesome catching up and it feels like we saw each other just yesterday.

We spent the morning visiting the Fisherman’s Warf at Stevensons, very nice place with interesting museums about the fishing industry back in the early 1900s. We topped the morning off with coffee from Starbucks of course.

Joern arrives tomorrow and we will start our journey through British Columbia. We’ll be travelling for a month and I’m so looking forward to travelling with Joern again. I do have no idea if / when I’ll do more blogging … I’ll see depending on my time / mood 😊

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