USA Washington: Winthrop

What a gorgeous little town and well worth the trip. Again, I felt like it was sending me back in time. I just loved everything from the pretty calm Homestream park (where I sat and watched a friendly deer for ages) to the Shafer museum (great museum, so interesting. Explaining about mining and life back in the 1800s) and the cutest little town of Winthrop, just stunning. I’m so glad I stayed here for two nights so that I could explore.

Homestream park: I spent ages watching this little deer do her thing, munching away at leaves and then checking me out, deciding that I’m ok and continuing to munch on. So sweet. The park had some very interesting information to read and was so calm, quiet and pleasant.

The pretty little deer, She was collard so I guess someone was tracking her and I’m hoping it meant she would not be hunted. Maybe she was the park resident.

Some lovely natural sights on the walk to Winthrop town center.

Shafer Mining museum, certainly worth a visit.

My exploring got me into Winthrop town center, it was a very pleasant walk from my hotel and I’m glad I didn’t take the bike.

Such a cute town and so many little shops, restaurants and bars to see, even the gas station was quaint.

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