USA Idaho: Idaho and into Washington

I really didn’t want to leave Montana; it is the most amazing state I just loved it and honestly want to come back and spend even more time here. I have loved every US state, they are all great in their own way, but Montana surely stole my heart with its beauty.

Idaho: I blinked and almost missed Idaho as I really only went the small stretch that borders between Montana and Washington. I took the scenic route which was lovely and similar to Montana. Which is why I was surprised, no shocked when not long after entering Washington.

I did stay in Idaho though, in Sandpoint and finally got to see Walmart. I know that sounds strange but you see Walmarts everywhere and even in Europe we know about Walmart in the US but I still hadn’t been to one so I decided as the hotel was in walking distance, I needed to visit one. WOW they are friggin huge. I did have to laugh though as I kept looking at the staff imagining what goes on behind the scenes. That is because I absolutely love the US sitcom Superstore it is hilarious, and I’m now convinced it’s based on Walmart. It was a fun, strange touristy outing. On the way back to the hotel I went to another large store, hmm can’t remember the name. It was like a Home Depot cross outdoor store as it sold everything from lawnmowers, garden supplies, camping equipment and guns. The US can be strange. I mean you can buy a lawnmower and a rifle in the same store…I laugh, it’s weird.  Anyway, I wish I had the courage to just take pics of strange people because I really saw a character that I must mention. Picture this TALL, thin, mega mullet, long (but extremely well-trimmed and cared for) beard, VERY dirty dungarees and very clean cowboy boots and a chest holster with what looked like a Glock (but I’m no expert so could be wrong) Now none of that is strange part. The strange part is that this guy way dressed like this and buying meters, I mean about 5-6 meters of very tick chain. My imagination ran wild, but all in fun as he was probably the nicest, although weirdest looking, person I had seen so far in the US.

12 July

Washington: As I was saying earlier Washing caught me by surprise as it’s DRY and HOT as hell. Phew I was not expecting that. Mostly flat with some rolling hills and very interesting rocks that look like they had accidently fallen from the sky just randomly on the open Plaines. I’d love to know more about the archaeology behind them. Once again the little towns off the beaten track were worth travelling through and Davenport was one of them. I wished it was the end of the day when I got there because I’d have loved to stay in the Wild West Hotel, just for kicks.

I went to see the Coulee Damn, even though I was melting and just wanted to get off the road, but it is certainly a mega structure in the middle of nowhere and worth seeing, very cool.

Coulee Dam

Twisp: I stopped very briefly in Twisp to look around and pick up some groceries as I was heading about 10kms up the road to Winthrop, and staying in a self-catering place for 2 nights. The grocery store was certainly unique.

What do you do when you are a big game hunter and want to show of your trophies?… you put them in your grocery store of course! Or maybe his wife just banned them from the house, or maybe he has so many his house is full. Just to be clear I have nothing against hunting for the pot. I eat meat so cannot criticize anyone hunting for the meat they eat (although I couldn’t do it myself) I also understands that certain animal populations have to be controlled (I hate this, but it is a fact of conservation) I can’t however for the life of me understand trophy hunting, and never will. I also know the two lions this guy had may well have been part of a canned hunting organization. I could be wrong but will never know. I’m going to be honest I can shop in a store and see animal heads on display if they are animals you can eat, but lion and hyena…and then of course there were the elephant tusks…OK I’m outta here sorry, not for me. Call me judgmental, ok fair enough I’m judgmental, but I have to wonder just how hard it is to shoot a skunk.

I headed out the store and onto Winthrop where I was staying for two nights, and I’m so glad I did.

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