USA Montana: Glacier National Park  

There is not really much to say about Glacier National Park except that it is stunning

As the pass is still closed we had to hike up, 16km round trip in 4hrs and 15 mins with a grade of something like 6% all the way, and the most spectacular views. We also got to see a very friendly hory marmot and some beautiful big horned sheet. There were also a ton of little Richardson ground squirrels that kept us amused they are as active and funny as prairie dogs. We unfortunately/fortunately didn’t see any moose or bears ☹ (I have this I want to and don’t want to see bears wish since we were on foot, but we did have bear spray)

I found a tree I could relate too 🙂

Below is the Hory Marmot we met, he was seriously very old and thin and begging for food. It broke my heart but you just can’t feed the wildlife in parks. He was lovely to see though, just so sweet.

Leaving the park and heading home we saw these horses having a jolly time eating the plants out the dam. I just love seeing so many horses in Montana especially the paint horses (cross breed of spotted and quarter horses) and also appaloosa (of which you don’t see many)

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