USA Montana: Most Beautiful state of all  

I must say that hands down Montana is the most beautiful state I have ever visited. Every state in the USA is beautiful in their own way from the flat wetlands and cost in Florida to the rolling hills in Vermont, the prairies and Badlands in South Dakota and mountains in Montana. Every state is stunning, but Montana tops them all.

As I need to be in Vancouver by the 14th July I didn’t waste time on my trip so far. This means that when I got to Columbia Falls I had some extra time on my hands. I decided that instead of rushing though spending just one night, or two nights which I do about once a week in the location I want to visit, I would spend a few days in Columbia falls and not get to really see the area and spend some time relaxing. So I rented an RV (it was bigger than I expected and you could honestly live in it) I rented it off AirBnB and it

First item on my agenda was to have a well needed massage, my body was very grateful for that. I also did my laundry and then explored the surrounding area, so pretty. I also spotted two beautiful huge elk on the side of the road, they were both female.

One of the cutest or should I say strangest little towns in the area is Hungry Horse. I think there are only about 4 or 5 buildings in the this tiny but kinda worth seeing, purely for amusement value, and to take a picture of the little red hungry horse. 

The highlight of my trip to Columbia falls is that my nephew Justin and his girlfriend Lisa came to visit me. AWESOME, I haven’t seen Justin in 6 years and it was just so fantastic that they flew in to visit me. It was great to be able to spend time with him and to get to meet Lisa.


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