Peru: Mancora (22 to 23rd August)

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The border crossing from Ecuador to Peru was another story. The road to the border had some of the best views so far and far less traffic so I really enjoyed the twisties J I may convert to a twisitie rider yet…not. The border took forever not only did we need to wait in long lines to do the passport control but getting 13 bikes and a truck though customs took 5 hours.  This meant spending half the ride to Mancora in the dark, not fun. There are no street lights and when I say dark I meant dark. I have really bad eyesight at night as I see halos around all the lights. When I could see the back lights of the bikes in front of me it was ok as I just followed them but when they took off at 120km/hr I slowed down to 80 as you literally couldn’t see a thing. If a dog ran across the road or if there was a pot hole there would have been no chance of me seeing it in time to do anything, so I just went slow and tried hard to see how the road twisted in front of me, but finally we arrived in Mancora.

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Mancora is a little back packers super town and quite cute. We have a rest day today and are all enjoying it.  I did my laundry, checked Gadget out thoroughly. For the last 3 days Gadget has not started in the morning or after lunch, the start switch is just dead and the only thing we can think of is that there is a contact issue since it is dead easy to push start and he’ll start within 2 meters . So I took the starter switch off and spraying it with some contact spray. The really strange thing is that Gadget started perfectly today, very unusual, I still took the button off anyway and am hoping the problem will not return as that could indicate something more serious. I hate electrical problems and I hate intermittent problems even more.

Other thank looking over the bike I had ample time to explore Mancora, swim, eat and just relax.

exploring the local market with Rand and Henry  fresh fruit for lunch

 this is what I looked like for most of the day

Tonight we’re all going out to dinner and will be celebrating Leigh’s 71st birthday.  Leigh and Cathy, who also rides but is riding pillion this trip have been married for 51 years and ridden all over  the world.  They are the most awesome couple I have ever met, they are Cleary still in love but also just seem to get on flawlessly and are good friends. I hope  Joern and I are the same when we are in our 70s (I suspect we will be)


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