Ecuador: Quito and Cuenca (20 to 21st August)

The border crossing from Peru to Ecuador was so simple. These things take time but wow how easy, NOTHING like border crossings in Russia.

We made a brief stop at the equator for some pictures, it was cool as I’ve crossed the equator many times but never been on the equator 🙂 The scenery through Colombia and Ecuador has been breathtaking, unfortunately I blinked and missed Ecuador due to the speed we rode through it.  We only spent 2 nights in Ecuador but I will be  coming back anyway on my way down to meet Joern in Peru.

11863312_794078867326797_8116131571357143861_n 11885351_794078787326805_8442378046449284654_n 11898822_794078750660142_1700635281315564469_nOr Guides

11935025_794078747326809_1601630695122254541_n The gang

On the road down to the Peru border

11219684_794840460583971_2228208239687041216_n 11866245_794493353952015_8612890966829973486_n 11891012_794492737285410_9102935891907212116_nAnother Volcano in Ecuador erupts


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