My fellow riders in order of appearance

The Boss “do you know you’re off track” – Jeff

The owner of KUDU and expedition mechanic

Ginger Hunk “I hope no one gets BAMaged’- Gareth

Gareth coined the term BAMtastic as well as many others 🙂

What can I say about Gareth, he is all kinds of awesome in every way, I just wish I were 10 years younger.

Our Muslim with an AK “it’s no problem” – Khairul

Our Malaysian contingent, we hardly ever saw Khairul without a Camera in his hand. I grew very fond of Khairul on the trip and am looking forward to seeing him and his fantastic wife in Malaysia in November

The man on a perpetual quest to keep his boots dry “hello beautiful”- Cesar

The Mexican property developer Cesar and my big brother on the trip, Great great guy

Always there when you need him – Neil

Jeffs right hand man and the KUDU medic and guide

Don’t let him fix your bike – Phil

It took me a little time to warm to Phil after he broke my bike and did not even offer to pay for the damage,

but his heart is in the right place and he turned out to be a very a nice guy.

Hats off to him doing the BAM at 72 WOW what an achievement

Always positive – Craig

I’ve never met an Australian that I didn’t like but I truly think Craig is one of the best