Zurich Switzerland to Yakutsk Russia (Siberia) 17000kms

Zurich to Yakutsk 17000kms in 64 days

One of the problems with being on the road is you totally lose track of time and days. So besides waking my friend Paul up at 4am when calling him because I lost track of the time zones. I have now had a big argument with the hotel because they called me to say I was supposed to leave today and I said no that’s tomorrow I’ve already paid. Anyway we sat down and worked out the dates OUCH how embarrassing but I’ve just lost a day somewhere. Oh dear but that’s life on the road so I paid for another night and will head off early tomorrow and get back on the road 🙂

Yakutsk has been good to me a nice rest and some very friendly helpful people who welded the pannier on my bike and gave me cable ties for nothing THANKS