KUDU stop the railway

After riding some great tracks on the BAM we arrive at bridge number 3 and it’s huge. I just cannot imagine trying to get the 4×4 over the monster. However this one is different as there is a security guard posted on the bridge to stop stupid people trying to cross it. FORTUNALTY he tells us we can take the bikes across and then go into town to the rail office in the morning and ask the chief about the 4×4. So we Craig and I head off at 6am (over 4 more little bridges, DMAN I hate these things) and go chat to the chief. To cut a long story short he gives us permission to cross the bridge at 6pm.

I honestly could not believe he did this and he was such a nice man. This is no joke nowhere else in the world would they close a bridge stop the trains running to let a bunch of idiotic tourists ride a 4×4 across the rail bridge. The bottom line is he understood that although we are idiotic tourists we are good people on a London to Magadan expedition and if he stopped us that would be it trip over.

So here we wait until 6 and I’m taking the opportunity to write this post and will publish it when I can.