Canada British Columbia: McBride to Kimberley

Heading to McBride we stopped along the way to visit the Ancient forest. What magnificent majestic trees. I love forests they are my favorite places in nature so this walk was very special to me

Met Loren, from Thunder-N-Chrome in McBride. He does custom bike designs and has a coffin shape trailer on his bike. The artwork was spectacular and he was super friendly guy, as we’ve discovered Canadians are, especially the bikers.

25th July Jasper and Saskatchewan crossing

WOOOW DAMN this place is beautiful in fact the only good word to describe Jasper national park is magnificent. My jaw dropped every time I turned a corner. The pictures just don’t do it justice and yet as they say ‘’A picture paints a thousand words’’ so all I can really do is post a few of the many many pictures I took.

Met two Brazilian bikers who live in San Francisco and are travelling through BC for a few weeks. What great guys so friendly, but then again I’ve never met a Brazilian that I haven’t liked. We also met the happiest dog in the world. 13 week old German Shepard mix, with a great owner who was more than happy to share puppy time with us.

Joern always said that if he append a restaurant he’d call it Something else, so guess where we had lunch in Jasper once we saw the sign. Lunch was a huge plate of very yummy spare ribs.

26th July Kimberly

Stopped in a nice AirBnB for the night in Kimberley, what a cute little town. We’d been craving Burritos for a few days now and imagine our joy when we stumbled on a Burritos this way sign and boy where they good 😊

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