USA Maine: Kennebunkport and the road to Canada

Some people just park boars at the jetty

Leaving Vermont, I started to head to Canada and spent the night in boring Freeport, but not after visiting Kennebunkport. Another little gem in the stunning state of Maine.

17 June

Heading for Canada today. Although the heavens threatened rain all day and it was overcast and very chilly the clouds held out and I arrived bone dry, but frozen. Although I hardly felt it as I was enjoying riding through Maine and some lovely countryside.

I had two heart stopping moment…well of that is a bit of an exaggeration so let’s say two mildly scary moments at the border. Firstly, I followed the road and soon realised that I had passed (with no option to stop) the USA boarder / customs post and arrived in Canada. With no option to turn around other than enter and then exit Canada I continued on. I was quite nervous as having crossed many many borders on motorbikes I know that things can quickly get tricky. I was really worried that I didn’t go through customs or get my passport stamped as I exited the USA. Since I’m returning to the USA in about 12 days, I’m worried that there may be some issues. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I phones the US customs and border security offices and was told (you dumb tourist) that this was normal and there are no exit checks when going to Canada. Phew that’s a lod off my mind.

The second moment was when I handed to Canadian border guard my arriveCan receipt to be told it was expired and that in fact you have to apply a max of 72hrs in advance not a minimum. DAMN I really thought I’d have to go back to the US and lose a day or more. BUT no, Canadian border guards are the nicest in the world (that I have come across so far. I really have a pet hate of border / customs people as they are usually on some kind of power trip, especially the Russians just awful customs people) They let me stay in the waiting room and download the arriveCan app and fill the form in right there and then while they checked my bike. They didn’t even ask me to unpack my luggage. Easy peezy 15 minutes and I was done and on my way to St Andrews.

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