USA Tennessee: Flying in Memphis

Oops I did it again. Went rolling in another plane. These rolls are just fun fun fun.

Spent an absolutely awesome day with my brother, Anthony, who I haven’t seen for 8 years. His friend Bill took me flying: did a couple of rolls, let me fly a bit, did some low level flying over a friend of his farm and most spectacularly did a lot of formation flying with Ant in his white Yak 50 and their friend Gene in his yellow Harman rocket. (I had to write down the names of the planes because to me they are, pretty white plane with wings and cool paint job yellow plane with wings 🤣🤣)

What a nice person, he also treated us all to Vietnamese for lunch YUM.

Ant, Gene, Bill and Glen who proved that even in your 50s/60s/70s men still act like boys when they are together.

Ant and I topped the day off by going to see Top Gun: Maverick. Great movie, extremely comfy movie theatre (the seats are huge and have fold out leg rests)

I also got to see my nephew Justin’s hanger with my Dads Auster which was very special. Justin is not only a pilot and aircraft mechanic, but a very talented artist. I saw one of his paint jobs up front on a plane that he built. Wow so interesting.

I also got to see my old Kawasaki DLR 650 that I rode through South and Central America and left with Justin in -Memphis hello old girl great see you again 🙂 that brought back a few memories.

Ant lives on a smallholding just outside of Memphis which is home not only to his two funny loving dogs but a few racoons and a load of squirrels.

Ants dog the lovable dork Avo and more sensible Chunky with the ”OMG this damn dog” look

Awesome awesome very memorable weekend ❤️

One comment on “USA Tennessee: Flying in Memphis

  1. Finally catching up to you I prefer to “Walk in Memphis”! 🙂 It’s a great song. One of my favorites. –Sherri -Sent from my MAC

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