USA Georgia: Savannah

Leaving fort Myers in the heat I opted to stick to the Interstate at I had about 750kms to Savannah Georgia, which I’d do in 2 days. It was hot but the US interstates are fantastic so little traffic, no one sticks to the speed limit, just easy cruising along and the kms zip by. Being on the interstate I didn’t see much except a lot of bikers on big Harley cruisers and BIG trucks. I did howe er see a couple of dead armadillos 😦 and one very live deer running in a filed.

After about 400kms I stopped for the night in Gainesville.

I did get to thinking how things have changed over the years in my travels. When I was at uni and travel and one summer worked in a game park my folks & boyfriend had to live with snail mail and the odd phone call. Now you think my typing, spelling and grammar are bad…🀣🀣🀣 You ain’t seen my spider crawl handwriting.

My first big trip was my gap year in 1991 when I worked on a ski resort in Vermont and then backpacked around the states and Canada for a year. There was no social media and my parents had to be happy with a weekly, sometimes monthly phone call and a few post cards. Same thing a few years later when I backpacked SE Asia. Then we at least had internet cafes and I could send a few friends and family emails.

Last night I FaceTimed with my hubby. It was awesome and I miss him, but thanks to the net we get to stay in touch. Other than keeping in touch with Joern, all this connectedness can be as much a curse as a blessing.

Yesterday while taking a break I got a text from Joern saying “I saw that, Dunkin Donuts. Big brother is watching” …why did I give him a location link to my phone 🀣🀣

This is my seventh trip to the United States in my entire life and as far as cities or towns go savannah inΒ  Georgia is the best I’ve seen so far. it’s stunning, it’s really interesting and it’s also fun.

Today I took one of those old town Trolley sightseeing trips. The hop on hop off ones. I also did an unbelievable amount of walking. so I think I’ve seen Savannah left, right and centre. I went into a couple of the old historic houses, and an art museum.Β  It’s absolutely beautiful, Savannah has an incredible history, both good and bad. You need to see the bad because we need to learn from it,Β  good and bad, and it’s part of history so you can’t pretend it didn’t exist. I’m talking about the whole history of slavery.Β  It’s an incredibly interesting town and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these the old houses which are just so so stunning.

I also went to the small military museum. It’s a private collection and very impressive.

And then I found the candy store πŸ™‚

2 comments on “USA Georgia: Savannah

  1. πŸ™‚ Thanks Sherri. The blog is going very slowly, but I’m trying to catch up. Just so much to see every day I don’t think of blogging.
    Take care

  2. Hi Lorraine, I’m glad you are enjoying the grand ole USA and I hope my fellow Patriots are kind to you during your trip. I’m loving your blog. I SO can relate to your words “all this connectedness can be as much a curse as a blessing”. I’m in Ohio now for a family wedding. On my drive up I saw a cyclist speeding like a “bat out of HELL” with no helmet. Like you that makes no sense to me and I find that riding style frightening. I hope our friends at Dunken gave you a free donut yesterday. It was National Donut Day. I try to visit the best donut shops during my travels. My doctor and cholesterol don’t like that V much. πŸ™‚ Oh well, it’s the FEW moments I get to take a break from “adulting” and enJoy being a kid again. Your candy shoppe is on my list to visit next time I’m in Georgia. Stay Strong and Safe, -Sherri WM -Sent from my MAC

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