USA Florida: Orlando and Lake Mary

I’ve been in two minds about blogging during this trip. It can be very time consuming and I have terrible grammar and can’t spell, so it can be a bit stressful for me. However it is something I do more for myself, for my memories, so have decided that I will blog again this time. They may not be regular, just once or twice a week, and will possibly consist of more photographs than text.

I started my trip flying into Orlando and then visiting my friends Paul and his wife Kim in Lake Mary. I’ve known Paul for about 25 years, since I lived in London, and haven’t seen him since 2016. So it was truly fantastic to spend time with them and I just wish it could have been longer.

I had Vince the v-strom delivered to Pauls place so he was ready and waiting on my arrival.

While in Lake Mary I got to spend a bit of time getting some dog cuddles from Bella and Coco. These two little girls are so sweet and made me miss my little Ozzie man.

Bella, who is 12 going on 2
Coco, who is 13 going on 20, but the sweeting snuffly little lady
Paul is a wise wise man 🙂

One comment on “USA Florida: Orlando and Lake Mary

  1. Wow, keep the blogs coming. We so look forward to following your travels. Have an awesome trip.LoveManiunia and Gerald xxxSent from my Galaxy

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