Belize: (5th to 8th February)

The night before I left Tikal it started raining and did not stop for 3 days. So I left Tikal riding in the rain but it was just heavy drizzle not hard torrential rain, so I got wet (even with my rain suit) but it was ok. It only took a couple of hours to ride to San Ignacio, plus 2 hours for the border crossing which was quite easy.



I had decided to spend 2 nights in San Ignacio so that I could go down to Caracol to see the Mayan runes. However unfortunately day tours to the site cost usd 95 and the companies will only do the tours with a minimum of 2 people or I had to pay double, and no tour companies had tours going for the next 3 days. I was also warned about the bad road (I know a bike group that turned back due to rain and mud conditions on this road) so decided not to go on my own. My second option was to go to the sites a bit closer to town, one a 45min walk away and another 15 mins by bus. However I also decided against these due to the heavy rain, I mean how much fun can traipsing around Mayan sites in the rain be. Since I am planning on seeing 3 top sites in Mexico and the weather forecast in Mexico is excellent, I decided to wait until I go to Mexico to see more Mayan runes. So I spent the day in San Ignacio sitting in coffee shops on the internet, eating cheesecake and drinking coffee. However I did have an awesome afternoon at the Iguana Rescue centre. These are lovely animals and the numbers have been declining rapidly due to deforestation and the fact that people eat them in Central America. The Iguana project tries to educate people about them and breeds them for release. It was only an hour but I did enjoy seeing them and the guide was very good and knowledgeable.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ”uggghhh more tourists”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Iguanas as the rescue centre


The following day I rode out, in the rain again but feeling happy as I was heading to the dry north where temperatures are between 25 and 28 degrees c, PERFECT 🙂


The Belize north coast I believe it is stunning down south but I didn’t have an opportunity to ride south to see for myself

I spent the night in a nice hotel in Corozal near the border in anticipation of finally getting to Mexico where I would spend 3 weeks and boy was I looking forward to it. So my trip to Belize was very short but nice, it is a nice country with nice people. I cannot say however that San Ignacio is a great town but it is okay, I have seen worse.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of the baby Iguanas



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