How to get married when you hate weddings. Argentina: Buenos Aires (31st October to 6th November)

The week is Buenos Aires was pretty amazing mostly because I got married.

After Joern arrived at 5 am on the 30th we spent the day just chilling and walking around the week was spent sightseeing in Buenos Ares and sort out wedding stuff. It is seriously complicated to get married here as a foreigner but it is at least quick. We had to submit a ton of signed documents and have a blood test for Syphilis, no I have no idea why but what can I say… at least I now know that neither Joern nor I have syphilis 🙂

If you do have to spend a week in a big city then Buenos Aires is a great choice. I like this city, it has a good vibe a TON of FANTASTIC restaurants, lots to see and do and we just enjoyed every minute of it.

P1000063  P1000083 P1000091 P1000096 P1000100 P1000072P1000103 P1000114 P1000128  P1000153


We did do the Argentinean experience meal which was great fun you learn to make your own empanadas and quite a lot about Argentina tradition and you meet other fun foreigners. We had a really good night

P1000173 P1000171

The highlight of the week was obviously the wedding. I hate weddings. I am okay going to weddings of friends and family because you are there to celebrate their happiness and if they are happy it is great to be a part of it. I just cannot face having a wedding myself, it is not the marriage part that I can’t do but the wedding is just not me. Fortunately I have a husband who feels the same way so it was an easy choise to have a simple wedding in Buenos Aires. After Joern asked me to marry him back in July we stated to discuss weddings and he suggested we get married on our South America trip. Joern will be travelling with me for 2 months which is all the leave he could get.  We were going to try get married at lake Titicaca but nothing seem to work out as it take up to 6 months for foreigners to get the right paper work. So Joern started looking at other options and found out that we could do everything in one week in Buenos Aires, perfect.  He got in touch with a fantastic wedding planner Leti who could sort out all the legal stuff for us foreigners and walk us step by step through the process. Since the process is so complicated we could not have done it without her.  She also arranged the official translator, two required witnesses, the lady who did my hair and makeup and the photographer (the only real wedding stuff)

P1000198 no wedding is complete without duct tap

When I got to Buenos Aires I started looking for a dress, shoes and rings. Since Joerns dad was a jeweller in Denmark we decided it was fitting to get a very close friends of Joerns family to make our rings. Since this could not be done before the wedding we got temporary one… silver lord of the rings rings … I promise I did take my wedding serisouly but I just got uch a kick out of these rigns. Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. Translated, the words mean: One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Call me a geek but I just love the fact that we have ”Lord of the rings” rings and even when I have my final ring I will still always wear this one.


The only really bridy thing I did was have someone to do my hair and makeup, since Joern is so awesome and put such an effort into sorting out the wedding I wanted to look the best I could for him.  We also had a photographer because we wanted really special pictures of the special day.

5th November 2015

The day could not have been more easy or simple. I grabbed a small bunch of flowers from a street flower seller and duct taped them into a bouquet… I mean no biker should get married without duct tape. I had my hair and makeup done, put on my dress and we hopped a cab to the registry office. There we had to wait and wait our turn which was rather frustrating since its bad enough having a wedding and I just wanted to be married. I did at one point comment ‘’lets get this bloody thing done’’ Finally they called our name and we went into the room with the registrar, two witnesses, translator and Leti.  The registrar did all the formal stuff and then just said he wanted to say a few rods to us. He told us that marriage meant a partnership and that we must always support each other through good and bad times. That we must be there for each other and always remain friends etc. It was really really nice and I could honestly not have wanted a different registrar, even though he spoke in Spanish and the translator translated for us, it felt very special.  We then signed more documents, exchanged rings and we were done. Walking out of the registry office to a shower of rice which was just fun.


We then spent a few hours in the rose garden with the photographer. WOW he really did a fantastic job. I hate this kind of thing, a photo session is my worst nightmare but Emiliano made it painless and easy, plus the photos turned out fantastic. Finally the wedding was over and we could settle down to a takeout veggie meal from the restaurant across the way from the hotel, man we really are cheap and easy. We did however go out for a lovely romantic dinner for two at a great Argentinean restaurant.

I cannot thank Leti from Fabulous weddings enough for helping us put this all together so painlessly. I must also thank Karin for doing an awesome makeup and hair job on this biker chick, plus  Jordana and Juana for being our witnesses and Margarita our translator for being there at our wedding.  I especially need to thank Emiliano for taking the most amazing photos I hardy recognise myself, he truly did a great job.

P1000207 The wedding party; Jordana and Juana our two witnesses. Joern and me. Margarita the translator and Leti the wedding planner.

P1000293 The photographer Emiliano, Leti and me

This honestly was my kind of wedding. We will have a celebratory party back in Switzerland in a year’s time on our first anniversary.



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