Peru: Cusco (28 to 29th August)

We arrived into Cusco at 3pm and the support truck and the two inured riders arrived at 10pm, tough ride for them in the dark but fortunately they are okay.

I was starving when we arrived so Jules and I went to grab a bite and wow once again were rewarded with great food. I’m enjoying the food in S America it suits me. In Abancaya, since I don’t read Spanish, I decided not to even try figure out the menu or order chicken / pollo again so just opened the menu pointed at a dish and ordered it. What a great choice the meal was similar to Chinese fried rice full of vegetables with medallions of beef which had been marinade, totally delicious.

After dinner we coincidentally came across a ceremony of some sorts with some kind of shaman blessing food and lots of dancing and singing, it was fascinating but I wished I knew what it was all about.

Today, the group went off to see Machu Pichu however I did not join them. The last time I was in Peru I hiked the Inca trail to Machu Pichu plus I will be back here with Joern in November. So today was my ”me” day J I like me days. I chilled, did my laundry, blogged, wrote emails while sitting in Nortons pub, skyped for 2 hours with Joern and walked Cusco flat.

What an awesome day. There was a big police parade in the centre of town which was fantastic, all the department we represented, the police, the dog unit, the horse units, the bike units and all of the rescue units, it was simply fantastic. I asked one police lady what the parade was for and as far as I can understand it is a big annual important police day for the police that have graduated (not sure if I understood it correctly but I think that was the just of it)

 This policeman was so nice, he was guarding the roads keeping the crowds back from the parade. Those two little boys crossed right in front of the parade and the small one stopped and burst into tears. The police went and picked him up and shushed him to calm him down, took the other boys and walked them across the street to behind where the crowds were standing. Just so nice…. Policemen rock


  Part of the parade were some demos from the swat team. They staged a couple of hijackings and the swat team swooped in guns blazing to save the day, it was actually super cool.

I felt so sorry for these guys they must have been burning up in those wetsuits in the sun, I was sweltering just watching them.


 The dog squad was my favourite they had some of the most gorgeous dogs.

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