N E 1 4 Crab – Malaysia

My friend Khairul who lives in Malaysia collected me at the Kuala Lumpur airport and the first thing we did was go eat. This is now my theme for Malaysia food, and like all SE Asian countries it is good. I spent 3 days with Khairul and his fantastic family, his wife Raja, son Amin and 3 daughters Aisha, Afrina and Zara. These kids are some of the nicest kids I have met and are so good and so polite. The call me Auntie Lorrain which even my own nieces and nephews don’t call me so it’s taken a bit of getting used to but since they all have these quiet voices and the cutest Malaysian accents I just love it, especially when Zara says Aaauuuntie Lorraineeeeeeeeee, which she must do about 10 times a day and since she is 6 and very quiet with a small voice it is so cute. She speaks the best English of all the kids and as well as Malay speaks Mandarin as she goes to a Chinese school.

It has been so nice to just spend 3 days in a home where I could literally feel at home and just relax, eat, watch TV, chat to the kids, and get my blog up to date. The first night I was there Khairul took us all out to one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area for crab. Now strangely enough I have never eaten crab, no reason just never had it. Well this was what one would call a huge slap up meal, and I mean huge 4 courses and two of the biggest crabs I have ever seen in some kind of delicious sauce. We rolled out of the restaurant and that night I slept like a baby. I think my whole body just needed a rest and spending those days with Raja and Khairul did just that. The whole family is laid back so it’s easy to just chill in their house.

The second night I was there we took the kids to Pizza hut and i-city which is a light theme park. I literary mean light not lite as it is all about lights, but really pretty and the girls loved it. These kinds of things really need to be experienced with kids to be enjoyed.

After 3 days I got back on Dozer and headed south towards Singapore

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