Mongolia in a 4×4

So after putting my ugly baby on the back of a truck 😦 having a vodka and going to bed I woke up in the morning ready to face the day travelling in a 4×4. At least the night was a dry one, the night before we woke up to find it snowing outside and raining INSIDE, the roof had been leaking and the room was like a shower, at least it missed my bed, unlike poor Nachos. But dry and in a VERY bad mood I hopped in the 4×4 and tried to look on the bright side, it was cold outside and warm in the car.

So looking at Mongolia through a windowpane I still think it is beautiful so vast and sparsely populated, we would spend hours driving without seeing another soul. We did see the odd group of camels and Mongolian ponies so pretty. My best day was when we lost the main road and spent the day completely off road on these small trails. It was so much fun bumping along and riding through the thick sand this is what Mongolia is all about, but today we stick to the main track but still mostly off-road and not toooo bad in the 4×4 πŸ™‚

So I had baggsied the front seat with some strange knitted soft toy (okay with Benny the bean bear, David and Lyns mascot) that has no idea how to treat lady bikers so I kept sitting on his head, very uncomfortable. Unfortunately the knitting needles inside his body stabbed me a couple of times and that taught me to treat him with a little respect. I then moved him to a nice comfy place on the other side of the seat but promptly opened the door and he went flying face first in the dirt hee hee that will teach you Benny bean bear, really how humiliating being stabbed by a soft toy. At that point the bear had to have a few harsh words with me (this is what happens when I ride in a 4×4), and after that things were a lot better between us.

We even had a few laughs and the journey turned out to be quite fun. David even let Richard drive most of the way which surprised me but he seemed to do a good enough job and it gave David a rest. We arrived in Ulaanbaatar a lot quicker than expected and hit the most unbelievable bad traffic. The roads in UB are in horrible condition and drivers here really drive badly I found myself closing my eyes more than once but we finally made it safely to the Oasis.

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