Strangers shower

So Dozer now has a homemade luggage system (that will get me as far as it gets me and then I’ll make another plan) a new tank, some spare parts and a kind of spare wheel. I pack this little lot up on the poor old man and boy he now looks like a pack horse or true adventure bike (depending on how you look at it) and head off towards Nyarn to meet the group before we cross the china border.
Arriving in Nyarn and FINALLY finding the hotel we discover it’s an absolute dive…ah well it’s cheap so no probs anyway and hey I’ve slept in some real flea bag places on this trip, all part of the experience. The real shocker was when I discovered that not only did the room have no toilet or shower (not a problem I can do hostels and shared bathrooms) but the hotel has no shared bathrooms at all. In order to shower if you are unlucky enough not to have a rooms with a shower (They ran out en-suite rooms before I checked in) you have to go to the communal showers a few blocks away. Hmm ok whatever.
Then Richard tells me that the guys have a shower in their room….cool I’ll go use theirs. So I knock on room 17 and it’s the wrong room but it belongs to a very nice polish couple who I met in the street who gave me directions to the hotel. They invite me in and let me use their shower 🙂
We all had a laugh at what a strange thing it was to shower in a strangers room while on holiday in Kyrgystan 🙂

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