This is Russia

Hmm did I mention in my last post that I will fly to Almaty today… Well I’m now sitting in Irkutsk airport. I got up at 4am to get to the airport and fly at 7. The flight was then delayed until 9. Then on that flight half way down the runway the plane hit something, not serious just a bump and slam on breaks so not scary – we’re in Siberia so maybe a bear or knowing the Russian roads probably a pothole.
We were then towed back to the terminal and told we can get a flight in 2 hours. That was 3 hours ago and we’ve just been told the flight will be at 17:00. If this actually takes off I’d have spent 12 hours in this airport, to fly 6 hours to Moscow and 3 hours back to almaty, which is actually a 3.5 hour flight from Irkutsk, but I can’t get on that flight until the 16th Aug, so had to take the via Moscow route. If I wasn’t so tired I’m be laughing this is comical I just cannot seem to get out of Russia 🙂




Travelling gotta love it, I have now been at the airport since 05:00 and it is now 16:30 and the new flight time is 19:30 I am losing my mind but at least my sense of humour has come back, I think just because I am on the move again 🙂

I was trying to ask another passenger about the flight and did she know what happened and she just said “this is Russia” if one more person says that to me I might just punch them.  I nearly lost it when no one could tell me what will happen to my connecting flight since it’s with a different airline. The one woman sort of mimed / said different airline not our problem buy another ticket  erm hello NO! So I took a deep breath and just laughed it off and thought wow this surreal. So have chilled and will sort out connecting flight in Moscow

So the trials and tribulations of travel continue at least there are always far more good things than bad things and he bad can be notched up as experience / adventure / one of those things / this is Russia

I will get to Almaty eventually and I will get back on the road but at least I am kind of on the move 🙂