Khazakstan here I come

The Kaz government restricts internet sites and I will not be able to get on this site or update my blog while in Kaz.

I fly to Almaty tomorrow at 5am uugghh via Moscow and arrive in Kaz at about 10pm Kaz time

I will spend the weekend trying to find a cheap bike there and next week getting another Mongolian visa. This is because the Chinese government has not allowed us transit papers to get through one of their provinces. So we travel into china up to Mongolia bypassing the province and then back into china. If I cannot get a cheap bike I will ride with David and Lyn in their 4×4. It will be a pity not to be on a bike but at least I’ll still be going overland 🙂

I must leave Kaz before the 20th august as that is when my Kaz visa expires, so lots to do and plan, most important of which is to meet up with the group.

Cheers for now until I can get back on the blog 🙂