Ulaanbaatar Genghis Kahn

We are making the most of our time here in UB while we wait for one of the guys to get his Russian Visa sorted (what a nightmare, if we didn’t know better we’d assume the Russians did not want tourists, the process is a nightmare and completely illogical)

We did a day trip to the big Genghis Kahn statue about 1hr out of the city. It’s huge and really worth seeing. We then went to a monetary in one of the national parks. We’ve been getting fat and lazy while we wait but are having a good rest.

Had to get a few things on my bike done so spent a day working on him much to the amusement of the peanut gallery who all watched me, took photos, passed comments and generally made a spectacle out of it. It did turn into a good laugh and way to kill some time. My bike may never recover 🙂