The best thing about Kaz is the people, so friendly and hospitable. They treat bikers like celebrities, every time we stop they want to talk to us shake out hands, one guys even asked for my autograph (go figure) they keep taking pictures of us and with us. The women are going crazy for the guys and keep getting me to take pictures of them so I told the guys I’m starting to pimp them out to pay for my trip…they were not impressed 🙂

I did have a little giggle as I remember Ewan McGregor mentioning in the Long Way Round something about how surprised he was that people recognised him in such remote places as they kept taking pictures of him etc hee hee sorry Ewan you were just a man on a motorbike and they treat all bikers like that.

I haven’t introduced my KUDU travelling companions yet. Jeff is the KUDU owner and driving the 4×4. Karuhl is from Malaysia and is doing a lot of filming and photography of the trip. Cesar is from Mexico and has become like a second big brother to me, he is fantastic and really looks after me. He is the trip pro rider just really tip top on a bike. Gareth is fast becoming one of my favourite people, so considerate and a real gentleman. Neil has just joined us in Almaty and works with Jeff.