Kaz Roads

The Kaz roads are something else, long dead straight roads that don’t just go on for miles but days. It’s incredible and quit monotonous to ride for hours on end. There are a lot of road works and although you get sick to death of corrugations they do break the monotony so we coped.

I’ve had only one problem on the bike, my chain broke so we had to quickly repair that but otherwise the dizzy is going like a dream.

One of the strangest things we’ve seen on the road is millions of crickets. When we first rode through them I thought it was seeds or leaves  and as I looked at the other guys bikes riding thought they sort of pushed these “seeds” like a wave, then I realised they were crickets so strange, however not as bad as the locusts. We rode though a small swarm of them and they hit you like hair and squish all over you and your bike and visor. One flew up my sleeve and you can’t stop as you need to just keep riding and shaking my arm could not dislodge the thing and I felt it just clawing and scratching up my arm so I just grabbed my arm with y left hand squished it and felt all this bug juice run down my arm EEEEEEW, I now make sure my jackets sleeves are tickly fasted at the cuff