The adventure continues blood and all

So much has happened since my last blog I do not even know where to start so I will go back to the hotel that reluctantly let me stay. Since I was so panicked about my visa situation and the hotel not wanting me to stay I could hardly sleep that night. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom slipped flat on my backside and hit my head on the wall HARD. I saw starts but did not pass out or throw up. I sat there for a minute and then put my hand to the back of my head and it was wet. FRACK I’ve split my head open I turn the light on grab a towel and there is seems to be a whole hell of a lot of blood pouring out the back of my head. My heart just stops, this hotel already don’t want me there and I do not want to draw attention to myself, what to do….I wet the towel and hold it to my head and it seems like ages but the bleeding eventually stopped. I decide I am not concussed and need to “man up” and reassess the situation. SO I go to sleep and the world seems brighter in the morning. I have a huge lump on the back of my head and can feel a small cut and scab where it slit but am now absolute sure it will be fine…wussy girl. Time to leave the hotel and head back out on Dizzy. I am in Chita and am going to try get as close to Irkutsk as possible so want to cover about 750km today.