Dizzy dies, but the Russians put a man into space surely they can fix my bike

It’s fun riding with another bike again and we stop at lake Baikal for a swim and park the bikes right on the pebble stone beach  (DAMN it’s freezing so I wussed out and just got my feet wet)

Hope back on the bikes and about 15km later Dizzy just stops. Game over we push him we do everything and he is completely dead. Joan has a good look and says this is not good it looks like there is anti-freeze in the cylinder (I am not sure about this as it’s kind of mimed Russian and Ihrena trying to translate)  So I am now royally stuck. Joan pulls out a rope and says ok he’ll tow the bike to the next town and we’ll try finding a trucker to take us to Irkutsk. Well there isn’t a trucker who is willing to do this so decide to carry on and tow the bike all 146km to Joans cousins’ place where we will stay the night.

Now I have to say being towed in a car for 146km would be no fun but try it on a bike. JEEEZ exhausting you need to concentrate so hard and keep the rope taut but not drag behind the other bike so need to be very careful on the breaks. Uphill’s are bad on the first bike but downhill’s are  a nightmare for me. And let’s not even mention corners or hair pin bends (I came off on one as the bike swung around on the rope and I lost control) Since we were travelling along lake Baikal we are talking about very windy roads and some pretty steep hills and descents, my nerves were shot. I really hope I never to have to be towed on a bike again (famous last words more posts to on this come later)

Also my bike although light at 146km has me 60km plus my travelling crap 45kg. The GSX has 2 people on it and a month’s worth of luggage. This was tough and every km I just prayed that the GSX would hold out.  We finally rock up at Joans cousins place and WOW what a night 🙂